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For most of us, personal finance and investing weren’t taught to us in school. So, GenZ Money was born out of necessity to provide you with financial knowledge to help you learn to invest, make more money in your career, or help you live your life with peace of mind.

Our team currently lives and operates in Toronto. Hence, we primarily focus on the financial environment in Canada.

We hope you take the time to explore and meaningfully gain from our content.

*Disclaimer: We DO NOT claim to be financial experts. We are young adults looking to provide non-traditional financial education. We do extensive research on fiscal responsibility and merely wish to provide individuals with an accessible learning platform.

Topics we discuss

We aim to provide a range of advice on what works and what does not work for us in life, essentially giving you useful tips on “How to Adult”.

The latest trends in investing, so you can be an early adopter

Career advice based on personal experiences

Cost-savings tips from insider communities

Goals of Our Blog

We hope to provide you with enough financial knowledge that you feel educated and confident enough to generate wealth and to challenge traditional investing ideas.

To inform, inspire and educate our audience

Feature guests and products that bring you value

Continuously improve and deliver the best content

Why GenZ Money was created

“I have not checked my account balance in months.”

These were some of the most memorable words from a conversation I had on a recent trip to Hong Kong.

I was staying in a hostel with a friend, and by chance, we met a fellow traveller who told us his story.

He was in his early 30’s and in Hong Kong to start a new job. He was working as a Managing Director at a Private Equity firm. As a recent graduate, I was curious about what he did after he graduated and how he got to where he is now.

But I learned much more about his story…

After he graduated, he was lucky enough to work at a bank with a decent salary. Even though he was making money working a 9-5, he attributed his financial successes instead to:

  • Tax Efficiency
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Non-Traditional Investments

After graduating from university, he lived with his parents for the first few years to save money for a down-payment. He then purchased a 2-bedroom condo and lived in the main bedroom while renting out the 2nd bedroom. While doing this, he saved enough money for a down-payment for another rental unit. As he built his wealth with rental units, he started investing in fine wines and broken luxury cars to fix them up to resell. Throughout all his ventures, he employed tax-efficient strategies to accumulate wealth at an accelerated pace.

I was astounded by his fiscal discipline and his ability to combine wealth creation with his passions for wine and luxury cars. Furthermore, to my surprise, he ended his story with, “I have not checked my account balance in months”.

With just a simple 9-5 and a few years of smart financial decisions, he had achieved a sense of financial freedom. One that allowed him not to have to check his account balance for months. He knew his methods worked, and money was always coming in.

When I asked him how he learned about investing and financial discipline, he mentioned he learned this at his prestigious private school. Unfortunately, that is not a privilege accorded to most of us, so that is why I created GenZ Money – an accessible platform to help people save money, accumulate wealth and live their best lives.

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